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3270-3345 Small press


veiling / Auction 26. Tjeerd Deelstra Collection part II. Avant Garde, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Small Press, Concrete Poetry/Typography and Ephemera
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kavel: 3290
Magali Lara and Emma Cecilia Garcia, Sillas para un Texto (Chairs for a Text)
-Mexico City, Cocina Ediciones, 1982. Off-white envelope, 26.5 x 19 cm, featuring a drawing, stamped title and artist's names on recto, and stamp of the small publishing house Cocina on verso. Houses 7 loose sheets with mimeographed drawings by Magali Lara on white crest paper, 14 x 21.5 cm, (2 signed Magali 1982) and 7 text sheets by Emma Cecilia Garcia on pink paper. Text and drawings are alternated, creating a kind of story-book. Added is a small publishers leaflet by Cocina Ediciones Mimeograficas, with the edition size of 100 handwritten in blue marker. Envelope is fair, sheets are mint.-

verkocht € 1000.00
kavel: 3291
Yani Pecanins, Haz de Gis
-Mexico City, Cocina Ediciones Mimeográficas, 1982. Exuberant artists’ book consisting of 8 cardboard sheets with collages including mimeographed images, coloured strings, cut outs, fold outs, perforated holes, stickers, staples, translucent paper bags. Housed in a handmade cardboard cover, 22.5 x 22.5 cm, with stamped title, wax seal and green string on recto, and a stamped Cocina Edicione logo on recto.-

verkocht € 1200.00
kavel: 3292
Feggo, Untitled
-Mexico City, Cocina Ediciones Mimeográficas, 1982. Illustrated envelope, 26 x 19 cm, housing 9 loose sheets, 21.5 x 17 cm, with drawings stencilled black and dark brown on cream paper-

verkocht € 340.00
kavel: 3293
Chile: Cronologia de Emociones. Mexico City, La Flor de otro Día, 1983
-Edited by María Eliana Montaner and Virginia del Campo, drawings by Eduardo Léon, text by Chac. Hardcover album, 25 x 38.5 cm, bound by black shoelaces through perforated holes. Title printed in gold on cover. Contains 21 double folded loose sheets, 23 x 37 cm. Edition of 123, this is No. 43/123. This copy belonged to Felipe Ehrenberg as suggested in the inscription on the first page, top right: to Felipe Ehrenberg (Don Felipe) signed E. Léon.-

verkocht € 550.00
kavel: 3294
Beat publications by Burroughs and Fauser
-Includes: William Burroughs, Die elektronische Revolution. Göttingen, Expanded Media Editions, 1972. Edited by Carl Weisner. Softcover, 16.5 x 11 cm, 111 pp., Edition of 1000, text in German and English.-
€ 100 - € 200
kavel: 3295
Heathcote Williams, Manifestoes Manifesten
-Rotterdam, Cold Turkey Press, 1974. Limited edition of 250, this one numbered 115. Sc, 42 pp., text in English and Dutch.-

verkocht € 110.00
kavel: 3296
Five Beat publications
-Ukanhavyrfuckinciti Bak. D.A. Levy: A Tribute to the Man, An Anthology of His Poetry. Cleveland, Ghost Press, 1968. 296 pp., includes six silkscreen prints by t. l. kryss. Mimeographed assembling of poems/texts with contributions by D.A. Levy, Charles Bukowski, Ed Sanders, Ken Friedman, Carl Weissner and others. Proceeds for the publication went to the defense fund for the poet D.A.Levy who was repeatedly imprisoned. Light soiling on cover, else very good.-

verkocht € 110.00
kavel: 3297
Benedict Schwartzberg letters
-Fascinating set of 2 envelopes sent to Tjeerd Deelstra by Benedict Schwartzberg from New York in 1969, both contain 3 copies of the same pamphlet with intense typewritten poetry starting with 'I am God'. Apparently an abridged copy of a full version free on request. The author also placed advertisements for his free 'huge 10-page leaflet (creation, religion, names of god, numbers (...) cigarettes, bibliography). Part of the text appeared in The Avatar No. 9 1967.-

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 3298
Expanded Media Editions
-was a small publishing house run by Udo Breger in Göttingen dedicated to underground/beat publications. Included is 'Radio 23', a 60 min. audiocassette featuring pirate radio from Munich, promoted as the first audio magazine in the world. It was released in March 1972 as the third issue of UFO, a magazine edited by Udo Breger, Carl Weissner, Jürgen Ploog and Jörg Fauser.-

verkocht € 380.00
kavel: 3299
H.R. Giger and Urban Gwerder
-Poster: The-Telllife-No-mads-presents: Poëtenz. Gurtendorf, W. Zürcher, 1967. First edition, 83 x 60 cm, folded 3 times. Rare announcement for this 1967 happening, and the first poster designed by Swiss artist H. R. Giger (1940-2014). Features a large astreunuchen/alien print by Geiger on recto, and information about the show on verso. Text (in German) by Urban Gwerder, publisher of the legendary underground magazine Hotcha! Near fine copy with creasing along the folds.-

verkocht € 130.00
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