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3440-3498 Ephemera


veiling / Auction 26. Tjeerd Deelstra Collection part II. Avant Garde, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Small Press, Concrete Poetry/Typography and Ephemera
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kavel: 3490
Various German publishers' catalogues
-Set of c. 100 flyers and sales catalogues mostly from the 70s. Includes the famous poster for Vice Versand editions by Wolfgang Feelisch, a huge pink foldout poster for Edition Mat Mot, some Walther König catalogues including No.6 Happening & Fluxus. -

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kavel: 3491
International publishers' catalogues
-Large mixed lot of approx.100 publicity leaflets and catalogues from the USA, Great Britain, France and Italy. A pick of featured publishers: Jaap Rietman (New York), Willoughby Sharp/Kineticism Press (New York), Something Else Press (New York), Gemini Press (Los Angeles), Agentzia (Paris), Petersburg Press (London), Gallery Number 10 (London), Centro Di (Florence). -

verkocht € 750.00
kavel: 3492
Seriaal and Dutch publishers' catalogues
-Stocklists and announcement cards by Seriaal, specialized in multiples, run by Wies Smals in Amsterdam from 1968-1975. Includes the pricelist for December 1968, a collection of 33 loose cards as issued, and three stocklists, No. 1 1970, No. 5 1973 and No. 6 1970. Also contains 15 cards featuring multiples by Beuys, Panamarenko, LeWitt, Diter Rot, Soto, Jime Dine et al. -

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kavel: 3493
Joseph Beuys Free International University
-Collection of flyers and publications made by the FIY headed by Beuys. Included are several bulletins and photocopied/stamped pamphlets, bulletins and some publications such as 'Joseph Beuys 7000 Eichen', 'Das Warhol-Beuys-Ereichnis'. Also included is a booklet made by the Antwerp FIY titled 'Oproep tot een alternatief' which is signed in red marker by Beuys. -

verkocht € 500.00
kavel: 3494
Jochen Gerz, Is there Life on Earth?
-Manuscript for a performance in Paris, 1968 / 1970. 3 pp. of printed text in French, English, German and Italian, stapled to a transparent plastic bag, 30 x 22 cm. The artist mailed empty plastic bags with an accompanying text to friends and strangers from the Paris phone book, inviting them to send things they no longer wish to possess. More than 300 bags were returned. The artist deposited them at the construction site of the Tour Montparnasse on April 16, 1970. They are forever sealed beneath 30 meters of concrete.-

verkocht € 110.00
kavel: 3495
Miscellaneous Willem de Ridder ephemera
-Features a score card 'Send this card to your neighbor', 21 x 15 cm, signed de Ridder on verso. + An envelope sent by John Cage to Willem de Ridder in 1965 containing the event card 'if you read this sentence you owe willem de ridder $4.50 copyrights, please send as quick as possible (with the address). Possibly Cage paid his dues.-

verkocht € 360.00
kavel: 3496
Late Fluxus documentation from the 1980s to 2000s
-Includes a very rare poster for the 1981 AKI Fluxfest that took place at the art academy in Enschede (NL). Curated by Harry Ruhé and Peter van Beveren, it featured contributions by an impressive list of core Fluxus artists such as Wolf Vostell, Ben Vautier, Dick Higgins, Giuseppe Chiari, Takako Saito, Milan Knizak and Willem de Ridder. The curators promised to release a catalogue in 1981, which finally happened in October 2021. -

verkocht € 130.00
kavel: 3497
Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground & Nico. Signed print
-Framed silkscreen print, 63 x 31 cm. Featuring the banana from the famous 1967 Velvet Underground album cover. Created for Ytans Innehåll, an exhibition on record cover art at the National Museum of Stockholm in 1981-1982. Rare copy signed by Andy Warhol in pencil. -

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kavel: 3498
Bert Stern (1929-2013). The Marilyn Monroe Trip
-Silkscreen print in Dayglo color. Uncut proof sheet with 4 images on each side. 58 x 60 cm. -

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