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1085-1129 Cartography: Atlases & Maps


veiling / Auction 28. Session I. Children's Books, Picture Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books 16th-19th Cent., Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography
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kavel: 1085
[India] Railway Map of India
-Major General Girish Chandra Agarwal, 1986. 13th ed. 117 x 91.5 cm.-
€ 100 - € 200
kavel: 1086
[Trains] Collection of 20 railway maps
-Ca. 20th cent. Incl. a.o.: 13 maps of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen and predecessors, 1916-1987; 1 North Eastern Railway and London, 1939; and 5 Deutsche Bundesbahn, 1986-1987. Various sizes, max. 136 x 95 cm.-
€ 80 - € 150
kavel: 1087
[Geology] Section of the Earth's Crust, on a large scale
-showing clearly the arrangement of the Strata and the relations of the various rocks to each other; also the deposits of coal and other minerals, and the position of Gold, Silver, and other metallic veins, with ills. of the principal geological phenomena. London, James Reynolds, 1852. One sheet, 6 feet in length, full col. lithogr., 170 x 27 cm. Under Glass. -

verkocht € 380.00
kavel: 1088
[Haarlem] De Stad Haerlem, van het Noorder Spaarne te zien
-Vue de la Ville de Haerlem du coté de la Riviere du Noorder Spaarne. Copper engr. view by A. Cardon after an etching by A. Claterbos, ca. 1790. 25.9 x 36.2 cm. Sl. soiled. In passe-partout under glass. -

verkocht € 300.00
kavel: 1089
[Braun & Hogenberg. Amersfoort] Amorfortia Dioecesis Ultraiectensis
-A Oppidum amœnitate loci solique fertilitate admodum insigne". Cologne, Braun & Hogenberg, ca. 1593. Plain engr. plan of the city in bird's eye perspective (24.5 x 37 cm), on top of a view of the city from the North (11.5 x 37 cm). Total image size: 35.5 x 37.5 mm Text in Latin. In passe-partout under glass.-

verkocht € 140.00
kavel: 1090
[Central Europe. Pocket atlas] Le Théâtre de Bellone
-Contenant 50 (= 48, complete) nouvelles cartes geographiques, des Païs Bas Espagnols, Provinces-Unies, haute et basse Allemagne, les Electorats & Principautez du Rhin, haute et basse Alsace, La Lorraine; Bourgogne, Suisse, Savoye & Piemont, avec une grande partie de la France, de l'Italie, & autres Païs adjacents, où l'on fait à present la guerre. Ouvrage très utile aux officiers et voyageurs (...). Engr. title: Le Théâtre de Mars contenant XLVIII nouvelles cartes (...). Amst., A. Braakman and P. Schenk, 1708 (engr. title: 1706). Narrow 4to. Later marbled calf w. gilt borders around sides, gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece, a.e.g., double-p. letterpress title printed in red and black, introd. in French and Dutch (both 2 p.) and 28 p. index, w. the following double-p. contemp. handcol. engr.: title; general map (numb. 1); and 47 maps (numb. 2-48).-

verkocht € 800.00
kavel: 1091
[Netherlands. Belgium] Collection of general and regional maps of the Netherlands
-and Belgium. 18th to 19th cent. 8vo and 4to. Collection of approx. 100 sm. maps w. some duplicates. General, provincial, and regional maps of the Netherlands and Belgium. Lithogr., steel and copper engr. by a.o.: Le Rouge; Robert; De Lat (approx. 20 Belgian regional maps); De Leth; Banse; Binet; Kraijenhoff; Reding; Witkamp; and Braakensiek. Many col. In 1 folio imitation leather folder. Sold as a collection of prints, not subject to return.-

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 1092
[Netherlands. Tirion] Collection of general maps of the Netherlands
-18th and 19th cent. Sm. and large folios. Collection of approx. 60 general maps of the Netherlands w. some duplicates. Lithogr., steel and copper engr., many col. Publ. by a.o.: Tirion; Flemming; Cassell; Teesdale; Day; Black; and Arrowsmith. Sold as a collection of prints, not subject to return.-

verkocht € 170.00
kavel: 1093
[Brabant] Three maps: (1) Brabantiae pars septentrionalis
-Continens Marchionatus S. Rom. Impery, Bergozomanum, Comitatus Hoochstr. (...) Baroniam Bredanam (...). Amst., H. Hondius, ca. 1630. 47 x 55 cm. In passe-partout.-
€ 120 - € 240
kavel: 1094
[Brabant] Ten maps: (1) Brabantiae Ducatus in suas Praefecturas
-Eleganter Distinctus (...). Amst., Petrus Schenck. ca. 1720. 60 x 49 cm. Large allegorical cartouche w. dedication Dno Harmanno de Wilde, chiliarchae Trajecti ad Mosam and his coat of arms. Partly glued on cardboard, some paper missing outside the map image.-

verkocht € 90.00
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