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2050-2071 Fine Arts: Periodicals


veiling / Auction 28 - Session III Fine Arts (Typography, Reference Works, Ex Libris, Periodicals, Fashion), Erotica, Sports, Toys, Antiques, Various, Posters
[2050 - 2060] [2061 - 2071]
kavel: 2050
[Marc Chagall] Verve no. 3
-Vol. one no. 3, 1938. Cover Pierre Bonnard incl. 4 season series col. lithogr. by Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, Rattner and Paul Klee. This vol. in rare orig. cardboard box, cover des. Chagall. Box dam. along sides. -

verkocht € 340.00
kavel: 2051
Maandblad "Verf en kleur". Years 1 and 2
-Amst., Vereenigde Drukkerijen for N.V. Uitgevers-Mij. "Amsterdam", 1924-1925, 24 parts (2 copies April-March) in 2 vols. Continuous pagination 236; 216 p. Folio. Orig. unif. gilt buckram, num. fold. double-p. or tipped-in col. lithogr. plates ("bijvoegsels") and full-p. ills. (incl. a thin copper plate) after a.o.: Dirk Filarski; Albert Klijn; Boerman; Jelle Troelstra; and W. Schimmel. Several other col. plates, tipped-in b/w plates, ills., num. ill. adverts.-

verkocht € 850.00
kavel: 2052
[Aubrey Beardsley] The Studio. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art
-=Vols. 1-13 and 15-20. London, Offices of the Studio, 1893-1900. Sm. folio. Dec. cl., contains most of the lithogr. supplements, incl. those by Aubrey Beardsley, James McNeil Whistler, Fernand Khnopff and Felix Vallotton. -

verkocht € 700.00
kavel: 2054
[De Enschedese School] Hard Werken
-Vol. 1-10 (=all issued), 1979-1981. Folio.-

verkocht € 130.00
kavel: 2055
[Theo van Hoytema. Jan Toorop. Vincent van Gogh] P.L. Tak, ed. De Kroniek
-Amst., C.M. van Gogh, 1895. Nos. 1-53. Folio. Later hcl., complete w. all lithogr. suppl. by a.o.: Theo van Hoytema; Jan Toorop; Marius Bauer; Willem van Konijnenburg; Jan Veth; Antoon Molkenboer; Vincent van Gogh.-

verkocht € 300.00
kavel: 2056
[Denmark] Axel Salto, ed. Klingen
-Vol. 1-12, 1917-18 (year 1). Progressive Danish art magazine. Hcl., orig. ill. boards, title in manuscript, ills. w. orig. graphics (lith./engr.) by a.o.: Harald Giersing; Axel Salto; G. Münster; K. Jungstedt; and Pr. Krogh. Also incl. an addendum by W. Kandinsky.-

verkocht € 340.00
kavel: 2057
[Applied arts] Valentin Teirich and Josef Storck, eds. Blätter für Kunstgewerbe
-Vol. I-VI. Wien, R. von Waldheim, 1872-1878. Folio. Blindst. cl. w. gilt lettering, over 300 col. and fold. plates and other ills. -

verkocht € 80.00
kavel: 2058
De Reclame. Lot of 4
-(1) No. 12. Dec. 1933. 24 p. (2) De Reclame. No. 42. 1932. 12 p. (3) De Reclame. No. 39. 1932. 12 p. (4) De Reclame. No. 7. 1934. 24 p. All incl. mounted brochures by a.o. von Stein. -

verkocht € 80.00
kavel: 2059
[Catalan] D'Aci I D'Alla, 13 vols.
-Llibreria Catalonia, Barcelona, 1932 to 1936. Ed. Lopez Llausas, literary director Carle Soldevila, artists' director Llovet Frisco. Ring bound, all w. original ills. covers.-

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 2060
[Van de Velde] Van nu en straks
-Nos.: I (2 copies); IV; VI-VII; and VIII-X. 1893 to 1901. 4to. W. orig. covers des. Henry van de Velde, ills. by a.o. X. Mellery and James Ensor, and contributions by a.o. Gust Vermeylen, Alfred Hegenscheidt, Albert Verwey, and Prosper van Langendonck. -

verkocht € 600.00
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