LOT 1750

[Bibliography] Lot with 19 diverse (ephemeral) publications,

partly (very) rare, incl. (1) P. Joseph Nasrallah. l'Imprimerie au Liban. Beyrouth/ Harissa, 1949, XXIV,160 p., with illustrations, contemporary half morocco by Ateliers Laurenchet, bound with original wrapper, 4to.

(2) A.C. Creswell. A bibliography of Muslim architecture in North Africa (excluding Egypt). Supplément à Hesperis 1954, tome XLI. Paris, Larose, 1954, 65,(2) p., original wrapper, 4to. And with: (3) A bibliography of the Muslim architecture of Egypt. Art Islamique Tome III. Cairo, Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, 1955, 64 p., original wrapper, 4to; (4) Bibliographie Ottomane. Notice des livres Turcs, Arabes et Persans imprimés à Constantinople durant la Période 1294-1296/ 1297-1298/ 1299-1301 de l'Hégire (1877-1884) par M. Clément Huart. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1881-1885, 3 volumes, original uniform wrapper (partly loose/with library stamps) and including a Bibliography of the Persian Gulf (partly in Arabic script) and several works in Russian script (total 19).

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