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[Peins] Archive of headmaster Arjen Bernard Mulder (born 1840)

consisting of more than 40 official documents, mostly dated between 1858 and 1893 (also several later, unrelated documents), incl. certificates of compentence, admissions, appointments, etc., together in plain contemporary portfolio.

Lovely little archive, which perfectly illustrates A.B. Mulder's career as school teacher in the Peins area, with several similar documents of his wife Jantje Mulder and their daughter Antje (Anna) Mulder, both working in Peins as teachers of plain needlework and with 2 documents of his father B.J. (Berend) Mulder, school teacher in Midlum, incl. his "schutterij"-appointment as "fourier" (1824), with annotation: "O wat eene gekheid/ Die deze papieren na mijne dood eens in handen krijgt zal om meester Mulder of vader Mulder, hartelijk lagchen, dat hij ook in dienst is geweest". Contains the following documents of A.B. Mulder: certificates of competence as assistant teacher (1858), as headmaster (1863) and for primary education for "vrije- en orde-oefeningen der gymnastiek" (1891); certificate of general admission as school teacher (1857); appointment to assistant teacher in Achlum (1864); resignation letter for position of assistant teacher due to his appointment to headmaster (1866); certificates of good conduct (1865, 1875, 1881); request for trading his position as headmaster in Cubaard for the same position in Peins (written by A.B. Mulder himself); letter about participation in the exam for Head of the public school in Peins (1881); correspondence on the remarkable differences in salary of headmaster in Franekeradeel and subsequent wish for a raise in salary (1892-1893); permission to become acting sexton and organist in Oubaard (1876) and in Peins (1883) and a consequent raise of his wage with 35 guilders (1877).

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