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M. Jansen de Wit's Kousenfabrieken N.V. Schijndel september-october 1944

Oblong folio album with 35 photos concerning war damage to this business. Photos each 16.5 x 23 cm. Below handwritten text such as "De gevolgen van een voltreffer in de bovenverdieping van de expeditie. De platen op het dak beteekenen even zoo veel gaten" and "De R.A.F. "rookte" de Duitschers hier uit".

*Operations at the factory began in 1915 with twenty Schijndel girls who had learned the stocking knitting trade in Woensel. The factory became successful and saw growth in the following decades. During the war it remained unscatched until the liberation by American paratroopers on 22 September. Captured Germans were housed in the stocking factory before being transported elsewhere. But the Americans did not stay and the Germans returned, because Schijndel was just outside the corridor. Now anti-aircraft batteries were placed on the factory and on 26 September 1944, Schijndel was bombed by the Allies, causing heavy damage. The factory, too, was heavily hit and then pillaged by the fleeing occupying forces. The final liberation of Schijndel took place on 27 October 1944. After the liberation, recovery was begun and in April 1945 the first stocking was produced. The factory remained successful for decades until it was closed 1985. (Source: Wikipedia)

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