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Hergé + J. Martin

Lefranc, J. Martin et al, no. 6-27, sc, Casterman, 1979-2016 in good to very good condition + another 3 by Martin + De Avonturen van Kuifje, reporter van de Petit Vingtieme, in het land van de Sovjets, Casterman, 2008. Bound facsimile with linen back + 35 jaar weekblad Kuifje, 35 jaar humor. Lombard, hc, 1981 + Uit de archieven van Hergé. Kuifje in de Sovjetunie (1929), Casterman, 1975. In green faux-leather with gilt binding illustration - and another 9 publications - and Kuifje in grote angst! Chevron, 1977. Stapled advertisement publication - and the other 6 vols. from this series + Kuifje Index. Weekblad voor jongens van 7 tot 77 jaar, Kippenvel, 2007 + Barelli, Intégrale 1-8, hc, BD Must, 2014. Complete integral series, edition of 500 copies - and 9 more.

(total 60)

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