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Hanco Kok + Peter de Wit + Willem Ritstier/Minck Oosterveer et al.

Gilles de Geus, no. 0-9, Silvester/Arboris, sc, 1996-2003 + Nicky Saxx, Noodweer, RDH, 2008. Bound in cloth with pasted front plate, numbered and signed in edition of 150 copies + Horen, Zien & Zwijgen, [idem] + The Unknown, Don Lawrence collection, 2010. 2 vols. hc in cassette - and another 20 by Oosterveer + Meccano De Ruwe Gids, de Harmonie, 2007 and another 2 by Kolk + De ATH jaren Ruimtevaart 1957-58. Marin Lodewijk, uitgeverij L, hc, 374 pp. - and another 16 various comics by Dutch authors.

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