LOT 905
SOLD €160,00

Album with dédicaces

A4-size album from 1989 with 6 dédicases. Berck (Sammy - detailed drawing), Gerrit de Jager, Eric Heuvel and Jan Kruis (2 x of Jan and one of Jans in multiple colours, nicely detailed) - and one other.

Lot 905 to 915 have been collected on Nederlandse Stripdagen. The provider asked for dédicases by comic artists but realized he had to ask the artist for something else to pique their interest. He decided to challenge artists with a black sheet and crayons he supplied himself. It was a good move; most artists went along, several asked him if he wanted to come back later to give them time to make something worthwile. Among those big names such as Don Lawrence and Hans G. Kresse (who was rarely persuaded to make a drawing).

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