LOT 1235

Beknopte beschrijving van de Nederlandsche Overzeesche Bezittingen

voor Beschaafde Lezers uit alle standen, ui de beste bronnen en eigen ervaring in Oost- en West-Indiën geput door M.D. Teenstra. Groningen, J. Oomkens J. Zoon, 1846-(1852), 3 vols., (2),XII,344; (2),345-756; (2),757-1104 p., lithographic general title, frontispiece and folding map, letterpress intertitles for the second and third volume, contemporary uniform half leather.

Owner's stamp on (half) titles, spine strips missing or damaged. Rare, critical account of the situation in the Dutch colonies of the time, focusing on the "Voortbrengselen" such as coffee, rice, sugar, cocoa etc., the historical main points, the various islands of the Indonesian archipelago per residency, and the West Indian possessions. On the versatile and filthy rich Groningen farmer's son Marten Douwes Teenstra (1795-1864) and his works: Teenstra was a baptist and freemason, wrote children's books and history books and published a magazine as well. The title page of his Beknopte beschrijving mentions that he was "Oud-Inspecteur van Bruggen, Wegen en Waterwegen en voormalig Rijks-Cultivateur in de Kolonie Suriname".

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