LOT 521

Letter archive of L.W. [Wim] Brandt Jr.

of the 1st Batallion 4th Company Grenadiers-Conscript, consisting of ca. 150 letters and several postcards addressed to him (“Mijn allerliefste schat”), for the most part written by his “innig liefhebbend vrouwtje Stien” [Brandt] and dated Amsterdam 1912-1915, a large part on stationery stamped J. Goldschmidt & Zonen and partly in the original envelopes.

During this correspondence period, Wim Brandt stayed in camp Milligen and the Oranje Kazerne, among other places. The archive also includes 6 contemporary (wedding) portrait photos of Stien Brandt, a number of contemporary receipts for the purchase of a bicycle, trousers, etc. and a seemingly unrelated friend album (ca. 1885).

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