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[Album amoricum] Friend album of Sophie Serlé,

ca. 100 pages with contributions dated Arnhem 1880-1996 and a number of blank pages, various drawings and dried flower pieces, original faux leather with metal (silver?) letters "Souvenir" on front cover and clasp, gilt edges, 21 x 16 cm.

Contains contributions by various family members (brother Paul (drawing in pencil titled "Marker Vrijaadje"), aunt Jeanette, niece Pauline) and by Widow W.C. Wendelaar-Bonga, Cordula (incl. landscape drawing in pencil), Betsy (incl. flower pieces), Caroline Berkelie, J. v.d. Leeuw, M.A. v.d. Leeuw (with flower piece), Johanna Clifford, E. Mijnssen, E. Mistcherlich, J. Scheltema-Dunlop, Lien Dunlop, Cornelis J. Veder, F. Busgers, A.M., A.L. André de la Porte and others. A special contribution can be found at the end: a trompe-l'oeuil depicting a stack of "birth cards", filled in in pen by the various people who contributed to the album. With: a similar album of Louise Quarles van Ufford (1857-1874). (total 2)

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