LOT 271
SOLD €140,00

C.P. Limonade Groningen

Lot with 3 bottles of C.P. Raspberry lemon syrup, ca. 1950. Height 28 cm. each + a Mokka c.p. bottle, with bottle cap, ca. 1935 + highly concentrated coffee substitute, full. Height 23.5 cm. + Bottle of Rojo lemon syrup and a bottle of orange lemonade syrup, both full and closed. Bottle with lemonade syrup with text printed in the glass. Height 23 cm. each + 3 smaller bottles: Rojo (2x) and Risso. All still full and closed. Height 15.5 cm. - and 4 other bottles + a glass jar Klene's fruit licorice - and a promo display Mokka-C.P. "Vlug, Verrukkelijk en Voordeelig." Sl. dam. Depicting the mokka bottle from this lot. All with original labels.

(total 17)

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