LOT 780
SOLD €260,00

Pornographic comics, '30s-'40s

The Upper Crust's Black Sheep. 32 pp. Stapled + Dear Elsie BRRP Picture. Directed by Elmer Zilch, sound director I. Letta Fart. 16 pp. + The Kentucky Kernal, Based on the original story "The Shot Gun Bid". Screen adaption by Gra U Cunts. Production A Helluva Picture + Li'l Abner. The folks go calling' By Huch G. Balls + Smokey Stover in go foo yourself + Grossly Saggerated or sad tales from life by Wilt Prosstate - and 3 more.

Very rare original pornographic comic books with a wink. Particularly beloved by soldiers and marines. (total 9)

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