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Bouw- en sierkunst. Revue bimestrielle de l'art antique et moderne

Livraison I. Redactie K. de Bazel & M. Lauweriks. Haarlem, H. Kleinmann & Co., January 1898, 16 text pages and 14 (of 15) plates, original cover by K. de Bazel (lacks plate 2).

With: several single issues from the 1899 volume: Livraison I, 2e année, p. 54-62 and plates 91-106 (back cover damaged) and Livraison IV, 2e année, p. 95-96 and plates 137-151. Furthermore with loose quires of p. 87-94 with plates 122-136 and p. 97-110 with plates 152-180.

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