LOT 1707

[Socialism & communism] Collection of 14 ephemeral publications conc. Domela Nieuwenhuis,

incl. Autoritair en Libertair Socialisme. By F. Domela Nieuwenhuis. Amsterdam, Ph. Oudkerk, 1897, 96 p., original wrapper (wrapper loose, staples removed).

With: Eerste proletarische vrijdenkers kalender. Samengesteld door J. Hoving en A.L. Constandse. Rotterdam, N.H. Luigies & Zonen, (1924), unpaginated, illustrations, original wrapper with portrait of Domela Nieuwenhuis on front cover, 19.5 x 13 cm. (front cover loose, back cover damaged). Very rare, complete calendar, each date with biographical information on the famous people who died or were born that day. Also with extensive texts on the reverse on each leaf and on many text leaves added between the calendear leaves. And with another 4 works (published) by Domela Nieuwenhuis and 9 (very) rare small publications by Berhard Damme, Spinozist and supporter of Domela Nieuwenhuis. (total 14)

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