LOT 30

[Original drawings for Schenkman's classic] "Het leven van Jan Klaassen

verteld aan de Nederlandsche jeugd." Complete set of the 16 original drawings attributed to J.W.A. Hilverdink (1809-1864) (of 23, the remaining 7 by Bertall) for the first edition of the eponymous book (Amsterdam, G.Th. Bom, 1859), numbered "N.1" to "No. 16" and unnumbered [the title page] and "plaat 1" to "plaat 15" in pen top right, each leaf 27.5 x 22 cm.

Title page with tear (repaired with tape); here and there slightly stained (plate 12 a large stain smudging on 11 and 13, outside the illustrations), several plates with folds. The illustrations of the iconic picture book by Jan Schenkman (1806-1863) in its original form, besides the 7 drawings by Bertall. Provenance: ex collection Van Veen, the set was number 510 in the second part of the auction catalogue "The Van Veen Collection of Children's Books and Junenalia" (25 June 1984), bought there by the current owner. Lust & Leering p. 268-269: "Waarschijnlijk heeft (de uitgever) Bom in Parijs enkele prenten gekocht en vervolgens aan Schenkman opdracht gegeven het bekende verhaal te berijmen. De andere afbeeldingen zijn ‘in dezelfde trant’ getekend, vermoedelijk door J.W.A. Hilverdink, die al eerder samenwerkte met Schenkman." Idem note 30 chapter 15: "In de veiling van Veen II d.d. 25 juni 1984, werden onder nummer 510 de ontwerptekeningen voor dit Jan Klaassen-boek verkocht." The second edition (with the same illustrations) appeared in 1864 and has been digitally included online in "Het geheugen van Nederland". Comparison with our set of drawings reveals that the 7 illustrations after Bertall are included on pages 16-22, all remaining pages (incl. the title) have illustrations after our set (total 16 drawings).

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