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[Militaria] Grenadier-Regiment "Königin Olga" (1. Württembergisches) No. 119

Collection of ca. 110 items, consisting of picture postcards, letters, (portrait) photos, military passports, a pin, publications etc., mostly small items organised in modern rexine ringbinding (several items apparently unrelated).

Extraordinary collection of items of this regiment, named after the Russian Grand Duchess Olga Nikolajewna Romanowa, wife of King Karl I. The name was used from 1806 to 1919 (extensive article accessible on Wikipedia). Contains for example (we list each time the subcompanies of the Grenadier-Regiment Königin Olga): (1) Large albumen photo with portraits of the 10th Company Reserve 1884-1887 by photographer Herrlinger (Stuttgart), 36 x 26.5 cm., in contemporary frame (minor defects); (2 and 3) Two large photos of the 5th and 2nd Companies, resp. 1903-1905 and 1911-1913, both ca. 35 x 48 cm., on cardboard holders; (4-8) Original letters regarding the regiment, dated 1864 (with seal) to 1901; (9-20) Series of picture postcards, mostly photocards with members of the regiment); (21-22) "Militairpass" of Udo Heeb of the 9th Company (1911-1922, 20 p.) with many stamps and annotations and similar pass of Johann Heeb of another regiment (1887-1899, 24 p.); (23-26) "Führungszeugnisse"/ "Führungs-Attest", four handcompleted letterpress documents for good behaviour (1887, 1912 and twice 1913); (27) "Schiessbuch" of a member of the 1st Company (1893-1895, 8 p. with results of target practice); (28) Goldcoloured pin (total ca. 80 items).

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