LOT 2123
SOLD €160,00

Lot with liberation publications, paraphernalia and packagings

Collection of books, foodstuff and 'Oranje' items from 1940-1945 and directly after liberation of the Netherlands. Partly from the Vink family of Dordrecht: cigar box with food stamps from 1942-1947, 'Huiswerkboekje' of Ankie Vink, Sept. 1939-May 1940 and packaging 'Pure whole dried eggs U.S.A.' with family name + packagings of dried food products, cigarettes and matches: incl. Hertie's Juspoeder, De Gruyter's Koninginnesoep, Player's Navy Out Cigarettes. 30x.

With: collection of 26 (pre-)war and liberation publications, incl.: Dat gebeurde hier. Kroniek van vijf jaar oorlog. De Telg, Amsterdam, 1945; 1945. Het laatste oorlogsjaar, 1945; Ist das Verlangen des deutschen Volkes lach Entjudung berechting? Dr. Cato, 1933; Oorlogs-prentenboek door Ton van Tast. 2nd vol. and 1945, ons land uit lijden ontzet, Ton van Tast (pseud.), 1945; Rede van den Führer en Rijkskanselier Adolf Hitler, 1941; Rede van (...) Dr. Seyss-Inquart. 1941; Terug uit de Hel van Buckenwald, 1945. And with a collection of items partly made by persons in hiding during the war: 3 bookmarks/ pennants commemorating the German invasion and later the approaching liberation; buttons with the Dutch flag and with the Dutch lion; pennants commemorating Queen Wilhelmina; etc.

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