LOT 251

Louis XV, king of France and Navarre (1710-1774). Document on vellum, 1765

Document in pen and ink, dated Versailles, January 1765, concerning Charles Leopold Baron de Stain and Auguste de Stain "sa soeur", signed "Louis" [and signed "Choiseul Duc de Praslin"] below the document, and again signed "Louis" [and "Dufranc"] on reverse below/ besides pieces of text ("Enregistree aux actes importans du Parlemens de France (...)"/ "(...) de la chambre de cour des comptes) here dated 3 July 1765/ 2 December 1766, with remains of wax royal Great Seal affixed with green- and red-coloured thread (causing bottom strip to no longer unfold), unfolded dimensions 48 x 65 cm. Affixed a smaller vellum sheet (33.5 x 48 cm.), also signed "Louis" and "Choiseul duc de Praslin", dated Fontainebleau, 11 October 1765, with remains of large wax seal.

Charles Leopold Baron de Stain and Auguste de Stain were - as mentioned in the document - children of Ferdinand Henry baron de Stain and Dlle. Anne Desirée comtesse de Watteville. Short summary in pen top left: "Naturalité à Charles Leopold Baron de Stain et à Dlle. Auguste de Stain sa Soeur nés à Bruxelles." And with the smaller document: "Relief d'adresse sur naturalité" for the same persons. The documents therefore concern the naturalisation to French citizens of the two Brusselaars, with the document also revealing the fact that this occurs through the mediation of "notre très chere Soeur l'Impératrice Reine de Hongrie et de Bohème". Signer Choiseul Duc de Praslin is C.G. de Choiseul, duc de Praslin (1712-1785). Our auction 19 contained a similar document with the same main text and concerning the naturalisation of the same persons, but there as proof of registration with the Procureur General du Roy.

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