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(1) Oostenryk zegenpraalende aan 't Hof van Spanje of Intrede van Ko. Karel III tot Madrid den 27 Junii 1706. Leaf 31 x 40 cm. with left and right printed text (Dutch and French) and central engraving with Charles III, Madrid and engraved text. (2) De vervelde Bander-Heer van Beyeren op stelten, reidende als Capitein ... Dimensions, engraving and text as with the previous leaf. (3) Boere-Ban en Arrier-Ban Wannende de Franse Pluimen en Laurieren, idem. (4) Mond-geprek tussen Josef de Oprechte en Louis de Zondige, idem. 4 leaves (of 7) issued as supplement with the Koninklijke Almanach of 1706 by Carel Allard, Amsterdam.

Added: (5) Canailje 't Canael uyt. Matroos in zyn bouw, de Rotsack in rouw. De verraders gevangen, gereet om te hangen. Den 29, 30 en 31 May, en in Juny 1692. Engraving with below poem on the defeat of the French fleet at La Hougueat against an Anglo-Dutch naval force during the Nine Years' War, 1692. Leaf 41 x 32 cm., engraving 22 x 30 cm. The leaf somewhat browned, staining, minor tears and lacking piece of paper outside the image. (total 5)

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