LOT 531

[Crime] Police descriptions

Description of Albertus Jan Klaus (1821), Frederik Jan Smit (1831), Cornelis van der Stok (1835), Barend Hovestadt (1835), Machiel Doyaards, Maarten van der Gragt (1836), Jan Fackeldey (1836), all from Amsterdam by mail with stamp to the Mayor of Limmen; one description filled out by hand of Willem Kalman or Kalmans by mail from Ommen to the Mayor of Hardenberg and signed by the Regter of the Kanton Ommen in ms. Descriptions with dam. on the right. Combined with: an "Overtuigingsstuk" in zake proces verbaal no. 2122 C. Duburg, nl. kwitantie nummer vijftig van de Nederlandsche Bank voor 25 Guldens. Gedeponeerd te Utrecht 7 Februarij 1846 door de Officier van Justitie, and confirmed with signature and seal in red wax by the Commissaris van Politie. Verso again the signatures of the public prosecutor, the police commissioner and others.

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