LOT 272

[Convolute scientific manuscripts 17th century] 6 (illustrated) parts in one volume

probably Italy, 17th century, contemporary turned vellum with new ties and splits, 19.5 x 14 cm.

The binding, probably originally in Italian style-limp vellum, has been restored with new boards and endpapers, new blank leaves have been bound between the manuscripts. Highly intriguing manuscript convolute, partly with beautiful illustrations: (1) Sectio de horologiis sciothericis horologium [after Jean Voël, 1608?]. 36 p. paged 285-320, with 24 (large) illustrations and one table in pen, bound at the end. (2) Institutiones geometriae. (22) p., with 3 folding plates and many detailed illustrations in pen in margin, bound in third place in the convolute. (3) Traité Premier des fortifications hollandoises. Connoissance des Termes ou mesures, valeur des mesures. (47) p., with 26 illustrations and tables in pen, bound in fifth place in the convolute. (4) Climatologia (?) seu de Motu Locali Opus Mathematicum [after Galilei?]. (26) p., bound at the beginning. (5). Tractatus Mathematicus de Motu Locali et eius speciebus. (60) p., bound in second place in the convolute. (6) Architectura Militaris. (26) p., bound in sixth place in the convolute.

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