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Collection of 40 various manuscripts and pre-printed forms completed by hand

all but one 19th century, mostly more or less A4-size, preserved in modern file.

Incl.: (1) "Lijst van de Leden der Tweede Kamer van de Staten-Generaal, tegenwoordig geweest den Zaterdag, den 27 December 1823", with pre-printed, handdated head and 56 pre-printed numbers, all used with signatures of members of Parliament (lovely attendance list); (2) "Voor de Kerk van Buurmalsen" (Geldermalsen), manuscript of 4 p., 1774; (3) Letter to Louis Napoleon with at the bottom the names of the 4 authors, regarding the damage caused by the floods of the river IJssel in January 1809, 10 pages; (4) Pre-printed appointment completed by hand signed in pen by Minister of Finance Van Hall, 1847. Also documents related to St. Maartensdijk, the Rijks Stoeterij at Borculo (uncompleted, pre-printed form "wegens het dekken der merrien"), 4 printed political decrees signed by the governor of Friesland, Idsert Aebinga van Humalda, an "Acte van verplaatsing" regarding the Oud-Vroenhoven office, Maastricht district, 1841, an appointment document signed by Minister of Finance Agnites Vrolik, 1856, and a document signed by secretary-general D. van Hoytema, 1864. (total 40)

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