LOT 674

Vues d'Optique (2x) and Veduta (1x), 18th century

(1) Canalis quae vocatur Kleveniers prospiciens versus Domum Ponderum S. Antonii Amstellodamensis. La Canal llamada Kleveniers Haccia La casa de los Pesos de S. Antonio d'Amsterdam. Coloured optical print in copper engraving. Framed in mount under glass. Frame 43 x 53 cm. (2) A view of the Stad House and the engines for extingusting Fire at Amsterdam. Coloured optical print in copper engraving. 25 x 40 cm. (3) Winter gezigt op de Buyten Amstel tot Amsteldam. Vue de l'Amstel, hor de la Ville d'Amsterdem en temps d'hiver by G.G. Wincler after G.B. Probst. Coloured copper engraving. 28 x 42 cm. Pasted to cardboard. Damaged at bottom.

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