LOT 2056
SOLD €160,00

[Malaysia, Singapore etc.] Album with 41 inserted photocards,

c. 1910, various subjects, contemporary decorated cardboard, thin folio.

Album occ. with small tears/ sl. brittle, and partly empty. Upper hinge broken on inside. A number of cards with special subjects, such as a hunter with a tiger killed by him, a man with a dead rhinoceros, a boy spreading the wings of a fruit bat, a very large, captured and killed snake, a deer removed from the stomach of said snake, several cards conc. the tapping of rubber trees, coconut plantations, elephants with passengers crossing a river, elephants at work and a photo of a mine. And with ± 60 various other photocards, incl. 4 uncirculated early Zonnemaire cards and 5 uncirculated early Brouwershaven cards (issued by Nauta, Velsen) and a series of 18 uncirculated cards in honour of the Lustrumfeesten 1910 in Leiden. (total ± 100, partly in album)

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