LOT 1841
SOLD €90,00

[USA] Lot with ± 150 photos

late 40s - 50s, mostly organised in 10 series of 8 numbered photos of each 6 x 9 cm. and several similar larger series in uniform envelopes, partly loose.

The series of 8 photos have each been inserted in envelopes with imprint "Firma Adr. Dronkert Elecr. Koffiebranderij Theehandel". The first series titled in pencil on the envelope "Foto 10 - 1/8 Amerika" with photos numbered in pencil on reverse 10.1 to 10.8. With the same titling: series 12, 14 (lacks photo 6), 15 (lacks 8), 16, 17, 21, 26, 28 (lacks 2 and 4) and 32. The photos depict machinery, aerial photos, bridges, streetscapes, industrial constructions, heavy work traffic, ships, cars and harbourscapes with skyscrapers. With 2 similar envelopes of Firma Dronkert titled "Amerika" (19 photos incl. many double) and "Foto. Bruggen wegen" (24 photos). And with another 30 loose photos in various sizes of trains, bridges, airplanes, construction projects etc.

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