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[Egmond aan Zee] "Platte Gront van Egmont op Zee, met desselfs rys-werken,

tot conservaatie van de tooren en kerk aldaar, door Anthony Torck als opper direkteur aangeleght inden jaare 1718; wyders gemeeten en geteekent door Iohannes Rollerus opsiender van gemelte wercken, en geswooren lantmeeter tot Beverwyck." Engraved plan, 50.5 x 57.5 cm., with 2 large inset profiles at the bottom, a smaller inset plan (situation of 1686) and view, and cartouches with dedication (dated 1719) and with legend, originally published by Weduwe Nicolaas Visser, c. 1719, reprint by Petrus Schenk Junior, c. 1735.

With middle fold, some creasing and minimal other defects. Very rare, decorative plan showing the measures taken after the church of Egmond aan Zee ended up being situated directly on the beach due to workings of the sea (a permanent threat to the town). However, these measures would prove ineffective: during a storm in 1741, the church and part of the town succumbed to the sea.

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