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[3 tournaments in one vol.] Int. Meisterturnier Györ 1924, Debrecen 1925 and Keckemet 1927

Cloth, title on back in brown and gilt stamping. Internationales Meisterturnier Györ 1924. Geza Maroczy. Selbstverlag des Györer Schachklubs. Johann Toth. Györ [1924]. Illustrated title with vignette, 122,(1). Games, diagrams and tables. Dr. Nagy Geza won. LN 5365 + A Debreceny Nemzetkozy Sakkverseny 1925. Maroczy Jubilaris Verseny. Eds. Dr. Tartakower and Ferenc Chalupetzky. Magyar Sakkvilag Kiadasa. Kecskemet. 1926. 206,(1) pp., with photos, tables. diagrams and games. Kmoch won. LN 5380 + A Kecskemeti Nemzetkozy Sakkverseny 1927. Eds. Dr. A. Aljechin et al.. Magyar Sakkvilag. Kecskemet. 1928 XXIV,308,(2) pp., with tables, diagrams and games. Alekhine won. LN 5404. Texts and commentary in Hungarian and German. Added: German edition of Kecskemet 1927:

Das Erste Internationale Schachmeisterturnier in Kecskemet. 1927. Bearbeitet von Dr. A. Aljechin, H. Kmoch, G. Maroczy en A. Nimzowitsch. Im Auftrage der Kecskemeter Schachvereines herausgegeben von L. Toth. Kecskemet. 1928. Large 8vo, paper wrapper with title, title with vignette, XVI,157,(1) pp., various photos, tables, games and diagrams. Paper wrapper loose in binding with minor dam. Winner Alekhine. LN 5404 - and two smaller tournaments: Rogaska Slatina. 1929 with photos, tables, diagrams and games with Rubinstein as winner. LN 5433 + Dr. Sipocz Jeno Emlekverseneye. Budapest 1937 with Szabo as winner. LN 5552. (total 4)

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