LOT 377

[Bibliography] Two titles: (1) J.G. Hager. Geographischer Büchersaal,

zum Nutzen und Vergnügen (der Liebhaber der Geographie) eröfnet. Chemnitz, heirs J.D. Stoeßel, 1766-1768, 3 vols., (16), 780,(12); (4),784,(12); (4),800,(12) p., contemp. unif. boards.

Occas. internal and external sm. defects. With good indexes. (2) J. Vogt. Catalogus historico-criticus librorum rariorum, jam curis quartis recognitis et ccopisosa accessione et symbolis et collatione bibliophilorum par Germaniam doctissimorum adauctus. Hamburg, C. Herold, 1753, (32),736 pp., engr. headpiece, contemp. half roan. Sl. browned; occas. sm. annots. in contemp. pen. Paper over sides lacking. Untrimmed copy, from the library of the Vereeniging ter Bevordering v.d. Belangen des Boekhandels, with their stamps (incl. "Doublet") on title-p. (total 2 titles in 4 vols.).

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