LOT 283

[Belgium. Rozendaal Abbey 1785-1792] Three "Rekeninge, bewijs ende reliqua"

Three mananuscripts (issued) by Jean-Joseph Harreweijn ("secretaris van Brecht"), (10) lvs. each, with the final 3 pages blank, started in 1785, 1790 and 1792, threadbound, folio.

The oldest manuscript waterst. in upper margin and sl. dam./ frayed in outer margin. Specific documents "over den ontfang (ende uijtgeef) der thiende binnen het voornoemt Brecht", giving an interesting insight in the finances during the final years of the existence of the Rozendaal (Roosendaal) abbey of the cistercian nuns. It was founded around 1225 and used by the French from 1794 to 1797, after which the property was sold and demolished, save for a few outbuildings (total 3).

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