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[Magicians. Circus Busch] 1000 Jahre Deutscher Rhein

Das Zeitgemässe Manege-Schaustück im Circus Busch. Two seperate prints on one poster. Friedländer, Hamburg, 1925. 45 x 32 cm. Lith. nos. 7815 and 7816. (2) Cagliostro. Der Zauberer von Paris. Three seperate prints on one poster. Friedländer, Hamburg, 1926. 47.5 x 35 cm. Lith. nos. 7909, 7908, 7910.

(total 2) *Circus Busch was founded by Paul Busch in Denmark in 1884. In 1895 the circus created a world-renowned home-base in Berlin, in a beautiful permanent circular building which could seat almost 4500 people. Even Houdini would perform there on multiple occasions. After Paul Busch's death, his daughter Paula took over the business in 1927. The circus still exists today, under the name Busch-Roland.

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