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Marten Toonder. (1) De Vreemde Vondeling

Bolletje eierbeschuit, 1952. Rare copy complete with all rub-on stickers*. (2) Plakboek voor Ollie B. Bommel plaatjes. Luteijn, 1956. Complete (picture cards with side strip). (3) Quaker Oats Havermout. Tom Poes. 1952. Oblong, complete with all picture cards -and the English version. (4) Fiedelflier in het land zonder Tovenaars. Spar, 1947. (5) Fiedelflier in het land zonder vreugde. Spar, 1947. Both spiral-bound, complete with 30/26 plates.

*These stickers are usually heavily damaged because they tend to by stick to opposite pages as well. However, the composer of this album cut out good stickers from multiple copies to put together a complete album. (total 6)

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