LOT 1476

Three family albums: (1) "Souvenir voor Bianca Keilman"

Private album containing ca. 330 mounted and loosely inserted family photographs, ca 1900-1950, various sizes, partly taken in Indonesia, partly on holidays and partly in the Netherlands, with (later) annotations in pen on mounts or on the photographs themselves, orig. giltlettered cl., obl. 4to.

A nice album, clearly of a well-to-do family, with many photographs of Bianca Keilman's daughter Grace at various ages, and pictures of the family, often together with Indonesian families, employees or other persons, their cars, at festivities, near their house in The Netherlands (Sportlaan and Stadhouderslaan 117, both in The Hague), on a cruiseship etc. A few examples: "Kadeton Plèret suikerfabriek"; "Pappie James Harvey Keilman" (husband of Bianca Keilman); "Zuiderstrand Java"; ""Kedaton Plèret. James met staf ongeveer 1919"; "Onze oude babae"; "Zeer gezellig. Djoeja 1924 mijn zitkamer"; "Djocja huis van Grace verkocht en verloren 1950"; "Verkocht en 't geld gedeeltelijk ook Indië op ge-eist". With: a collection of numerous loose photographs from the same family. And with 2 similar private photo-albums from other families, one of them title on front: "Ned.-Indië 1932". Added: A large autograph signed photographic portrait of Fats Domino and a "broomolie" photograph by W. van der Velden, his contribution for the 5e Nationale Tentoonstelling van Fotowerken 6-14 april 1918 (total 3 albums and num. loose photos).

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