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Mitton. Vae Victis

Vol. 4 and 8, hc. in hcl., Talent 1997. Both with numb. and sign. silkscreen print. (2) Vae Victis! XV. Saga, 2006. No. 48/75 incl. two sign. and numb. prints, hc. with dustjacket -and 16 more sc. vols. by Mitton. (3) Dufaux/Delaby. Murena 1-9. Dargaud, sc., 2003-2013. (4) Robert E. Howard. Conan vol. 1-3. Dark Dragon, hc., 2009. (5) Dufaux/Xavieri. Kruistochten vol. 1-5, Le Lombard, sc., 2008-2011. (6) Ramaïoli/Durand. Zoeloeland vol. 1-10. Blitz, sc., 1988-1999 -and 9 more.

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