LOT 1381
SOLD €280,00

Enzo Dufflocq Magni (1914-1981). Panthere Blonde

(1) Original cover art, 1951, in india ink. 29 x 20 cm. Added: (2) Panthere Blonde. La fin des pirates. 30x 21 cm., handcoloured drawing for the French bi-mensuel no. 12, ca. 1953. Added: The original Italian magazine, no. 18, 1948 with that very same cover. (3) 14 issues of Dutch magazine Actie, 1950. (4) Pantera Bionda no. 24 and 65, 1948. (5) Bionda de Pantervrouw no. 4, 6 and 10 (sl. dam.), and several loose covers of the Dutch magazine. Also incl.: various issues without cover.

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