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A London-based post-punk DIY spoof of Vogue magazine, focused on punk rock, art, counter-culture, Situationists, psycho-geography, conspiracy theories and cult films. Founded at Salisbury College of Technology and Art by Tom Vague et al, it released 25 numbers through AK Press from 1979-1992. The final issue No.25 is included in this lot and contains an overview of the fanzine with an introduction by Stewart Home.

Contains: (1) No.11 Jan 1982, Back from the Grave issue. (2) No.14 May 1983, Are you positive, Punk? (3) No.18/19 March 1987, Control Data Manual. (4) No.20 Feb 1988, Televisionaries (5) No.21 Jan 1989, Cyber Punk. (6) No. 22 June 1990, Media Sickness (More Contagious than Aids) (7) No. 23 Sept 1991, God told me to do it. (8) No.25, 1994. Dave Milton, The Great British Mistake, Vague 1977-92. (total 8)

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