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[Indonesia] Family-archive Koops Dekker-Schrok/Schleurholtz Boerma-de Bruyn Prince

Ca. 1900-1950 (mostly 20s and 30s), consisting of hundreds of letters, 20 photos, marriage certificates and wedding cards, birth announcements, a friends book, legal documents, two housekeeping books and a typoscript.

Interesting archive, partly related to Indonesia and freemasonry, with modern documentation concerning various characters from the archive. The ca. 160-page typoscript is probably the most important item. It is a bundling in plain hcl. of typed poems, stories, recitals, replies and other texts, dated 1908-1922 and written by J.K. Koops Dekker, known from "Overzicht van de geschiedenis van Sumatra's Westkust en van de stad Padang." Many of the contributions were written in Padang or other Indonesian places, another part was written in The Hague. J.K. Koops Dekker was a member of the freemasons' lodge Mata Hari in Padang; a poem titled "Maçonnerie en Wereldkryg" is included in the typoscript and the archive contains pieces concerning this membership. Some of the documents (incl. a marriage certificate) concern Albert Gerbens Koops Dekker, reserve First Lieutenant of the East Indies army and Knight of the Military William Order. Another part of the archive concerns Jacoba Lumina Koops Dekker, incl. a school report of the secondary school in Padang and her friends book "The ghosts of my friends", with signatures of family members and friends which by folding are intentionally changed into symmetrical "ghosts". The archive also contains documents of Pieter Merkus Lambertus Schleurholtz Boerma, incl. his marriage announcement. Boersma was a high-ranking official of the National-Socialist Weerafdeling and therefore a collaborator with the enemy. The photos in the archive (mostly portraits) were primarily taken in Indonesia, sometimes by local photographers such as Mew Fong (Padang), Soei Waa (Kota Radja).

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