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[Musicians. Performing artists] Collection of approx. 100 photographic portraits

Various sizes, 35 w. orig. signature or signed dedication (to J. Hogge) in pen, all neatly though loosely mounted at corners, in modern A4-sized portfolio.

Collection of fine (large) portrait photogr., also incl. a few offset portraits. Incl. the following photos w. signed dedication or signed, a.o.: Isaac Stern (1920-2001, violinist, dated 1951); Grace Moore (1898-1949, newspaper article w. her picture and signed dedication); Charles Munch (1891-1968, conductor and violinist); Doris Niles (1905-1998, dancer, 2); Eleftherios Papastavrou (dated 1961); Gaston Poulet (1892-1974, conductor and violinist); Manuela del Rio (Spanish actress and dancer, dated 1935); June Roberts (2, one dated 1937); Max Rostal (1905-1991, violinist, dated 1956); Gijorgy Sandor (1912-2005, pianist, dated 1957); Solange Schwarz (1910-2000, ballerina, 2, dated 1946 and 1947); Pia Sebastiani (1925-2015, dated 1957); Claire Sombert (1935-2008, actress); Amanda Webb (violinist, 2, one dated 1942); Nathan Wilstein (violinist, dated 1947); Iwan d'Archambeau (1879-1955, cellist, dated 1935 verso); René Defossez (1905-1988, composer); and Grzegorz Fitelberg (1879-1953). Also incl. is a nice series of photos by Kurt Kahle (1897-1953). (total approx. 100 in 1 portfolio)

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