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[Native Americans] Bibliotheca Bremensis nova historico-philologico-theologica

Classis primae/ secundae. (Ed. N. Barkey). Bremen/ Amst., G.W. Rumpius and H. Vieroot, 1760-1763, 6 parts in 2 vols. (16),582,(4); (6),582p., contemp. unif. vellum w. gilt supralibros of the Society of Writers to the Signet on all covers.

Occas. sm. defects, but a good set in attractive bindings. Very rare work, listed in NCC as a periodical of which 4 more vols. were published. Vol. 2 includes very interesting early contributions on American indigenous languages, on p. 196-202 ("ex typis expressi Americani rarioris notatio") and especially p. 577-581 (entirely in American Indian language!): "Nequita tashik-quinna negonne oosukkuhwhonk Moses ne asoweetamuk Genesis. Weske Kutchiffik ayum God Kefuk kah ohke. Kah ohke mô matta kuhkenauunneunkquttinnoo kah monteagunninno, kah pohkenum woskeche monoi, kah nashananit popomshau wolkeche nippekontu (etc. etc.). These contributions ar not noted by Sabin, Church etc. (total 2 vols)

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