LOT 1487

[Press photographs] Collection of approx. 90 press photographs

Ca. 1950-1990. Various sizes, most approx. 18 x 12 cm. Incl. scenes relating to a.o.: cinema; television; theatre; and music. Some w. stamps and attached typescript paper descriptions.

Incl. a.o.: a photograph by Ben Hansen of a scene from the series "De schaduw van Mari" w. Selma Vaz Diaz and Henk van Ulsen (1962); "leugenontdekker voor de televisie" (1951); "Première Irma la Douce door Volkstoneel"; a scene from the television series "Nieuwe Oogst" w. Gerard van Eyck (also by Ben Hansen); "Afscheid van Ben Groenveld" (19 Febr. 1962); "Uitvaart Louis van Gasteren (13 juli 1962); a group portrait of the team of the V.P.R.O. television series "Plakboek"; the award of the "Zilveren Camera" to J. Akkersdijk; 2 photogr. of scenes from the series "Het wonderlijke leven van Willem Parel" (1954); "Louis Armstrong met zijn orkest op Schiphol" (1952); Jules de Korte and his guard dog Roma; and a portrait of Baghwan. (total approx. 90)

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