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[Zeeland] Convolute of six maps

(1) Zelandia Comitatus. Amst., G. Blaeu, 1650. 2 large cartouches. 38 x 50 cm. Central fold. (2) Zeeland. Leeuwarden, Halma, 1725. Large cartouche w. ship, coat of arms and putti. 33 x 44 cm. Folds. (3) Wasda nunc Zelandia, historical map, engr. by G. de Broen. Auct. M. Alting for Halma. Ca. 1700. 32 x 42 cm. (4-5) Kaart van het eiland Walcheren. Amst., D.W. Carel and A. Hattinga for Isaac Tirion, 1753. Fully col. w. 3 cartouches w. title, explanatory text and ill. of the measurements for this map. 35 x 40 cm. Central fold. (6) La Zelande avec une partie de la Flandre Hollandoise. Paris, Le Rouge, 1747. Double folio map, fully col. 47 x 57 cm.

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