LOT 1483
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[Ornithology] Collection of 24 prints and 1 drawing: (1) 'Five various birds'

Col. gouache, sheet size 29.5 x 23 cm. Manuscript caption in Latin below, 2nd half 19th cent., under passepartout. (2) "Il pellicano d'America". Etching, 25 x 18 cm, signed "V. Vanni sc." in the plate, publ. in 1763. (3-11) François Nicolas Martinet (1730-ca. 1790). 9 lvs. w. handcol. etched birds. From Buffon, Histoire naturelle des oiseaux and Les planches enluminées, London, 1786. Sheet sizes 31 x 23.5 cm, lvs. 125, 206, 398, 487, 558, 599, 730, 738 (2x). 6x signed "Martinet" in the plate. Frayed in blank left margins. -and 14 others.

(total 25)

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