LOT 6428

Ian Hamilton Finlay, flowers/trees

Set of 8 cards loosely pertaining to this theme, published by Wild Hawthorn Press. (1) Horloge de Flore, 1975. With Laurie Clark. Folded card printed on delicate pink paper. (2) Palladian – Picturesque: After Thomas Hearne, 1977. With Gary Hincks. (3) Some versions of Pastoral: Homage to William Empson, 1978. With Gary Hincks.

(4) A woodland flute, 1978. With Ron Costley. (5) Plan for a landscaped version of the poem Cythera, 1979. With Peter Lyle. (6) Arbre - Tree, 1979. Bookmarker. (7) Snow – Bark, 1979. (8) Les Femmes de la Revolution – after Anselm Kiefer, 1992. With Gary Hincks. (total 8)

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