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[Greece. Peloponnesos] Peloponnesus hodie Moreae Regnum Distincte Divisum

in Omnes suas Provincias, Hodiernas atque Veteres, cui et Adiunguntur Insulae Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo et St. Maura. Magnificently composed, fully col. copper engr. map w. 14 side and bottom panels from 2 plates by Philibert Bouttats, 50 x 74 cm. Antwerp, ca. 1680. The panels showing 14 views and plans of cities, ports and fortresses: Navarino, Zarnata, Casl. Tornese, Passava, Malvasia, Patrasso, Coron, Napoli di Romania, Modon, Misitra olim Sparta, Atene, Cerigo, S. Maura and Lepanto. Large cartouche w. title, lion, warriors and prisoners, signed in the plate under the panels. Verso blank.

A few (repaired) tears outside the map and panel images. Rare map by Philibert Bouttats, probably sl. earlier than the De Wit Peloponnesus map; the De Wit one has a different panel w. Corinto instead of Passava.

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