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Pieter van Abeele (1608-84). Marriage medal

Silver, 83 mm, ca. 1657. "Oprechte Liefde Tusschen Man en Vrouw Duurt Eewiglyk Wel Zalig is de Trouw". Caritas seated facing, giving her breast to an infant seated on her lap and caressed by a nude child standing left; on her left, another infant holds a perch on which is tied a dove that flies toward the rays of the sun above Caritas’ head, around, wreath of flowers. Reverse "Het Huwelijck Is Goddelijck Van Aart Wanneer men Tsaam Yut Reine Liefde Paart". At centre, dove, flying downwards with olive branch in its beak, between richly dressed woman, on left, and man, on right, facing each other and clasping their right hands together, all within wreath of fruits. Frederiks 32, 32a (figs. 51-52). Northumberland II, 425. Medals like this were produced as gifts for weddings or betrothals and were very popular among the rich Dutch bourgeoise. -and 1 other later Dutch marriage medal.

Some of the finer details have been rubbed off. (total 2)

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