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Jongert, J. (1883-1942). 40 Van Nelle tobacco items

Mostly 1930s-40s, incl. items w. Indonesian text (tembaco Van Nelle). Interesting collection of beautifully designed labels, some almost certainly by Jongert. Comprises a.o.: (1-7) EvN Lichte shag. 50 gram lichte shag. Gefabriceerd door de Erven de Wed. J. van Nelle N.V. Rotterdam. 2 unused cardboard boxes, printed in green/ yellow, a blue label of the same size as the print on the boxes, 6 x 15.5 cm, and 4 labels for 100 gram lichte shag, each 6.5 x 19.5 cm, printed in green, yellow, blue and red. (8) 50 gram Z melange gesausde pruimtabak. Unused cardboard box printed in red and green, the printed label measuring 16 x 6 cm. (9-10) 50 gr. lichte Virginia shag/ 1/2 lb. lichte Virginia shag. 2 labels w. the same design printed in gold and blue, 16.5 x 53.5 and 8.5 x 26.5 cm. (11) Van Nelle's shagtabak wordt verkocht zonder eenige korting onder welken vorm dan ook. Letterpress cardboard wall sign w. copper hanging eye, 15 x 25 cm. (12) Circulaire jaar-markt KA 13e kiosk Van Nelle. Bisa dapet beli tembaco Shag Van Nelle Etjeran (...). Letterpress leaf, 12.5 x 20 cm.

(total approx. 40)

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