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[World] Ten maps of the Mediterranean region

10 folio lvs. from Accuratissima Orbis Antiqui Del. Sive Geographica Vetus Sacra. Amst., J. Janssonius, 1653. Reissue after the historical atlas by A. Ortelius in his Parergon, The F. Hornius historical atlas w. maps by a.o. Kaerius and Duval. (1) Geographia Sacra. Col. map of the ancient biblical world showing Europe, the Mediterranean, northern Africa and Asia Minor w. 2 cartouches and a sm. world map. 36.5 x 49 cm. (2) Lumen Historiarum per Occidentem et conatibus Fran Haraei and P. Kaerius. (3) Itala nam tellus Graecia Maior [South Italy] by J. Janssonius w. large cartouche. (4) Africae Propriae Tabula w. large title cartouche and cartouche below w. Plinius notes, a.o. (5) Thraciae Veteris Typus w. 3 cart. w. title and expl. by P. Kaerius after A. Ortelius. (N. Greece). (6) Vetus Descr. Daciarum nec non Moesiarum [Romania and Bulgaria] by P. Kaerius. (7) Pontus Euxinus [Black sea w. Crimea] by P. Kaerius after A. Ortelius. (8) Aegyptus Antiqua by P. Duval. (9) Insular Aliquot Aegaei Maris Antiqua Descrip. A. Ortelius. Antwerp. W. 10 groups of maps on one sheet. (e.g. Sardinia, Corsica, Euboea a.o) taken from another similar Janssonius historical atlas. Sl. browned and waterst. along the edges. (10) Italia Gallica sive Gallia Cisalpina. P. Kaerius after A. Ortelius [N. Italy].

Nice but incomplete folio set. (total 10)

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