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[Friesland] Nine Friesland maps and plans

(1-2) Netherlands. Northern part. Seb. Münster. 20 x 17 cm map image. 1x uncol. from a French ed. and 1x col. from an Italian ed, both ca. 1600. (3) Frisiae. J. Bussemacher. Cologne, Matth. Quad, ca. 1600. 18.5 x 27 cm, fully col. (4) Frise Occidentale. G. Mercator, ca. 1630. Oval shaped map, 12 x 18 cm. (5) La Frise. Pierre Vander Aa, ca. 1730. 26 x 38.5 cm, fully col. (6) Leaf from Braun & Hogenberg, ca. 1600. W. Lewardum and Franicher, fully col., fom a Latin ed., map images 31 x 29 and 31 x 19 cm. -and 3 other later maps.

(total 9)

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